2013 Festival Composers

Steven Berryman Versa est in luctum
Thomas Beverly I Pray for Them
Zack Browning Song Arirang
Lon Chaffin Burst into Jubilant Song
Melissa Dunphy Tesla's Pigeon
Paul A. Epstein Three Sonnets
Luke Flynn Windowsill Rain
Yvonne Freckmann Nigerian Scam Cycle
Carlos Gamboa Ramblings of a Social Network
Amit Gilutz The Cat Saved My Life
Ryan Homsey Twilight
Cecilia Livingston Parting
Mike McFerron Two Songs on e.e. cummings
Nicolas Omiccioli Three Poems of Emily Dickinson
Jessica Rudman Pictures of the Floating World
Dan Ruccia Movement O: Frog, Pond, Plop
Grace Xu Schott Shoshannim
Geoff Sheil The Enormous Room
Margaret Stoop Unspoken Prayer
Georgiann Toole Advent Triptych
Stephen Yip Autumn Colors

Honorable Mention
Kevin Waters See Amid the Winter Snow

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